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We can help you through this difficult time.

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You have options.

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Becoming a parent?

There is help.

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Had an abortion?
Grieving from a miscarriage or still birth?

There is healing.

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Even when pregnancy is not in your plans, a decision needs to be made: Abortion, Adoption or Parenting.

Get the facts to make the DECISION that's BEST FOR YOU! Stop and breathe... We are here to listen to what YOU want to do.

Schedule an appointment today for a free and confidential pregnancy test.

"I felt very comfortable. The services were amazing. She made me feel like I really mattered." - Sarah


Contact us for detailed information on all of these choices.


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Free Pregnancy Tests

Appointments Preferred
Walk-Ins as Available

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Confidential & Non-Judgmental

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Free Ultrasound

Limited obstetric ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, offered through onsite partnership with Care Clinic. There are some restrictions to ultrasounds based on medical history, must meet with nurse first.
By appointment only.

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Group & One-on-One Support
for miscarriage, stillbirth and post-abortion.

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Free incentive-driven classes to learn important
parenting skills while earning diapers, clothing and
other baby necessities for your family.
Contact us to enroll now.

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Sexually Transmitted Infection testing offered
through onsite partnership with Care Clinic.
Available Mondays and Tuesdays, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Call 559-625-5550 to schedule. By appointment only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

A non-judgmental, loving environment with people willing to listen, answer any questions you have, and explain your options. We will not tell you what choice to make, but we can definitely listen to the choice you want to make. You will take a urine pregnancy test, so make sure you drink plenty of water!

Can I bring my partner?

You will meet with an advocate one-on-one initially. After the initial consult, we welcome anyone you feel will be supportive of you.

Will anyone know I came to the center?

No!! We pride ourselves on confidentiality. The only way someone will know, is if you tell them!

How long will my appointment last?

This depends on the service provided. Our appointment for tests typically last 45 minutes to an hour to ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed.

How much will your services cost?

All of our services are provided at no cost.

Could I still be pregnant after taking a morning after pill?

The morning after pill (MAP) works by suppressing ovulation and preventing implantation. If a woman has not yet ovulated, MAP works as a contraceptive by suppressing ovulation. However, if a woman has become pregnant, but the embryo has not yet implanted, the use of MAP will work to prevent implantation, causing an abortion. The MAP won't disrupt an implanted pregnancy, so if the embryo is implanted then the MAP would be ineffective, and you would be pregnant. The only way to know for sure is to have a pregnancy test.[Ref: The Morning After Pill, Get the Facts, Heritage House 2011.]

Should I get tested for an STD if I have no symptoms?


Do I have a Sexually Transmitted Infection?

It can be very hard to say if you have a STI without proper testing. Some STIs show little or no symptoms. If you have had any sexual contact in your life, you could be at risk of being infected with a STI and should be tested regularly.

What if I've already had an abortion?

Many women who have chosen abortion find out they need to heal emotionally. If this is you...we are here to help!

Can I change my mind after taking the abortion pill?

Yes! There are options if you have changed your mind about the abortion pill, but don't delay! Call 1-877-558-0333 or find out more here:

What is the Care Clinic?

The Care Clinic is an onsite medical office under a physician’s direction, we refer to for medical services such as verifications of pregnancy through lab-quality pregnancy tests and limited obstetric ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. Through Care Pregnancy Resource Center’s partnership with the onsite Care Clinic, all these medical services are provided free of charge to our clients.

"Free Tests.
That's the way we Roll."

We can help you through this difficult time


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Care Pregnancy Resource Center

CPRC is here for you.


Visalia Location:

chat 916 W Main St
Visalia, CA 93291

Walk-ins welcome
as appointments are available.

Monday - Thursday
10am - 5pm

callCall: 559-625-5550
Text: 559-372-9826

Tulare Location:

chat236 South N Street
Tulare, CA 93274

Walk-ins welcome
as appointments are available.

Monday - Thursday
10am - 5pm

callCall: 559-329-5848
Text: 559-372-9826

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